A unique treasure from Wielkopolska

You can meet products based on our raw material every day: in plasters and finishing coats and other construction chemical mortars in your homes and offices, in panel underlays, in bitumen roofing felt on the roofs of your houses, in drinking water transmission systems and other industrial transmission installations, in swimming pool filters in home swimming pools, on tennis courts and pitches made of artificial grass, in sandboxes and many, many other places. There is a high probability that the metal parts in your cars were also produced in the technological process with our sand. Perhaps at this moment you are enjoying coffee or tea from a cup made of our sand. The truth is that mineral resources have been the basis of human economic activity since the dawn of time – they determine the development of industry, construction and energy.

Sand drying takes place in a modern fluid bed dryer powered by liquefied gas, which means that our product does not have undesirable odor inclusions.

It also enables continuous operation and loading, because we get a cooled product ready for loading at a temperature of only 15 degrees above the ambient temperature. Sand fractionation on the world’s best wet and dry screens allows us to obtain perfectly selected products.

We offer washed (with a moisture content of 3-7%) and dried quartz sands (with a moisture content of up to 0.2%) for many applications, which is presented in the table below.


Quartz sand is used as one of the raw materials that build the appropriate thickness of the walls, thus increasing same strength and rigidity.

Aggregate used, among others, for mortars, plasters and other construction products. Ensures you get a perfect product physical, chemical and aesthetic properties.

Sand intended for riding arenas, providing an excellent structure of the ground that affects the comfort of riding workouts. It is perfect for horse riding arenas, jumping parkours or merry-go-rounds.

The main ingredient is primarily quartz sand, which under the influence of high temperature acquires a liquid form, making it denser and more durable.

Sand is mainly used in the process of casting in sand molds and thus allows for a smoother form. It is used not only in industrial casting, but also in sculpture workshops.

Sprinkling the roofing felt with dry, clean sand prevents the surface of the freshly impregnated roofing felt from sticking together. Increases her resistance to weather conditions, protecting against damage, hail and increasing fire resistance.

The substrate for artificial grass is quartz sand. Its purpose is to stabilize the blades of grass and increase flexibility the ground and proper slip. It is usually used for the construction of tennis courts, multifunctional sports fields and “Orlik” football fields.

They are made mainly on the basis of quartz aggregates. They are used for structural and non-structural repairs and renovations concrete and reinforced concrete elements

Sprinkled sand improves the adhesion of the wheels to the rails when starting and braking a tram or train, as well as when driving changeable weather conditions such as frost, black ice or wet surface.

The high quality and purity of the sand allows it to be used in sandboxes for children. Does not cause abrasions and permanent dirt on clothes.

Quartz sand is one type of abrasive. With it, you can clean steel structures, concrete, rims and bodywork. It is also used for the renovation of bridges, cleaning bricks and old structures, and for hydro-sandblasting.

One of the products that is mixed with the resin when creating the screed is quartz sand. It is a strengthening additive, a binding properties allow to connect several layers of resin, which increases the hardness, strength of the substrate and anti-slip properties.

The addition of pure quartz sand makes this product completely safe for health. It retains its properties and does not require special storage conditions.

Sand is a natural substrate that does not affect the water parameters in the aquarium. Its smooth edges are safe for pets. It guarantees the proper vegetation of plants and reduces the growth of algae and bacteria.

The special properties of concrete can be achieved through the optimal selection of high-quality products. Using fractionated aggregate meets its requirements by making watertight constructions resistant to abrasion.

It is usually based on the use of clay raw materials of natural origin, i.e. quartz sand, which is not interacts chemically with the other components of the ceramic mass.

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0 - 0,2 mm

0,1/03 mm

0,20/0,315/0,16 mm

0,20/0,315/0,40 mm

0,20/0,16/0,10 mm

0,2 - 0,8 ( 0,16 / 0,63 )mm

0,3/0,8 mm

0,5/1,2 mm

0,8/3,0 mm

1,2/3,0 mm

1,2/3,0 mm


Packaging forms available.

Bulk packing (tanks)

Packing in big bags

Packing in 25 kg bags (on request)

The sands we produce are characterized by a spherical shape of grains, which has a positive effect on the processes of bonding them with resins in all types of production, and they have a Hygienic Certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.

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