How was our company founded?

In 2009, the construction of the S5 national road began near our location. Landowners closely related to agriculture decided to allocate the land for a construction sand mine, because the crops in these areas were getting weaker every year. As a result, the first heavy equipment appeared in the area of today’s quartz sand mine and the first open pits were started.

During the exploitation of the deposit, it turned out that in these areas there may be something much more valuable than ordinary construction sands.

The owners started research aimed at exploring the deposits, a specialist laboratory made several dozen boreholes at depths of up to 30 meters in the mine area. The results of these studies left no doubt – we have something special. Visits to numerous trade fairs and analysis of the Polish and European quartz sands market resulted in the creation of a modern quartz sand mining and refining plant in 2014.

Sand deposits, whose natural parameters are at a very high level, are extracted and refined in a modern processing plant, which results in obtaining a raw material valued on the market. Sand is repeatedly subjected to the processes of washing, cleaning in cyclones and various types of separators, fractionation and drying. The entire process is supervised by our employees who, by controlling the quality of the sand in the company’s laboratory, ensure that our customers receive exactly the product they expect and of the highest quality.

2020 was another step into the future for us. It was in this year that the company completed the investment, which it decided to make in connection with the demand reported by its existing contractors, as well as the desire to create the possibility of going out with its products to new recipients and more and more demanding industries. Therefore, the plant, which was established in 2014, gained its new shape. We doubled the number of items in the product portfolio, and our production capacity increased to several hundred thousand dried sands per year. At this point, we would like to thank our customers, because without the trust you gave us at the very beginning of our journey, this would not have been possible – and thanks to you, today we have reached the point where our product speaks for itself.

From the very beginning, we were focused on long-term action, and we saw our strength in the fact that our company is a family business. This is where – in our opinion – lies the real and distinctive power! In 2022, ownership changes took place in our company – the current owner, Robert Pachura, bought the shares from the other co-owners, but Jarkop Sp. z o. o. has remained a family business – managed by a group of people closest to each other. It is said that “The strength of the company is derived from the strength of the owner” – this is our strength, the strength that supports the actions. A flat organizational structure definitely strengthens our flexibility – it shortens decision-making processes and increases our competitive position on the market. The brand we have built is our pride and gives invaluable satisfaction and happiness, but we do not stop there – we go further. for more. For you. 

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