Implementation of the project entitled: "Implementation of the technology for the production of mineral and acrylic plasters - ASCENT based on silanized aggregates.”

The main goal of the project is to implement a technological investment consisting in the implementation of a new innovative technology and, based on it, launching the production of a new product in the Applicant’s plant. This product includes an innovative range of mineral and acrylic plasters, based on the aggregate silanization process and the product is characterized by oleophobicity and hydrophobicity.

The investment includes activities including the construction of a production hall and the purchase of fixed assets.

The effect of the project will be to increase the level of innovation of JARKOP Sp. z o. o., introducing a new, innovative product responding to market needs and increasing the company’s competitiveness on the building materials market. The result will be an improvement in the company’s market position as a significant innovator in the industry.

The main recipients of JARKOP’s new products will be, among others: wholesalers and DIY stores, construction contractors, investors/individual buyers and architects.

Project value: PLN 47,730,000.00

Project funding: PLN 19,142,000.00

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